Random Things I’ve Learned About Bermuda

I will post plenty of photos and rambling commentary once I return to the land of free internet, but for now I’ll regale you with my impressions of this delightful island.

  • Bermudians are not big believers in sidewalks. Taking a casual stroll is practically unheard of here.
  • Bermuda has an unusual amount of stray cats. And roosters.
  • 20121123-174128.jpg

  • If you are prone to car sickness, you should avoid riding the buses here. Our ride from Grotto Bay to Hamilton felt like a death-defying roller coaster ride.
  • Color is everwhere. Everything from homes to hotels to chuches are painted in bright, vibrant colors. I feel like I landed in Candy Land.
  • 20121123-174201.jpg

  • For a country of only 64,000 residents, there are a disproportionate number of churches here.
  • The off-season in Bermuda (November-March) is prone to crazy high winds.
  • The trees here look like pineapples.
  • 20121123-174349.jpg

  • Bermuda is expensive. This was confirmed when we bought a $16 bottle of suntan lotion.
  • Bermudians are super friendly. People say “good morning” and “good afternoon” just because you’re there.
  • More on Bermuda to come. Stay tuned!


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